Telecommunications Civil Work Services

Telecommunications Civil Work Services

Telecommunication Services

Our 20 years of solid experience enables Pui Hing Network Construction (HK) Co Ltd to confidently handle maintenance contracts for trenching works. We employ a strong labour force including sub-contractors who are familiar with the features of local districts, such as road traffic peak hours and public street habits. Our team is backed by an abundant supply of road-maintenance plant and equipment.

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To ensure excellent maintenance services, Pui Hing also has a special emergency team on 24-hour standby and ready to repair cable faults and conduct other emergency roadworks.

Our civil services and planning teams work closely together to implement trenching works. Team members also collaborate closely with Government bodies involved with roadworks and associated trenching, such as the Roadworks Management Office of the Hong Kong Police, the Transport Department, Highways Department, District Boards, etc. Our team maintains frequent and close contact and interfaces with other utility operators and authorised persons while performing administrative duties involved with trenching works and building development works adjacent to public roads,.

Our clients’ have limited time and budgets, so Pui Hing is committed to considering the following objectives in every telecom civil construction project of any size:

  • Providing a full range of civil network construction services within a pre-determined contract price.
  • Facilitating permit applications by selecting the most feasible routes and shortest distances.
  • Shortening the time required for clients to take possession of their networks by coordinating with various Government departments
  • Reducing impact on the public through strong site management.
  • Minimising disturbance to the public and reducing construction time by using efficient construction methods and the most advanced plant and equipment.